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“I need to lose five pounds for this wedding I’m in.”

“OMG; I was so sick with the flu, I lost eight pounds in ten days.”

“I ate one cheat meal and gained four pounds.”

Any of these statements sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. Every day we hear at least one of these bogus statements, and each time we hear, a little part of us dies.

If you’re weighing yourself daily. Stop. If you’re determining your mood based on the number on a scale. Stop. If you think by starving yourself through juice cleanses and other fad diets you will “lose weight.” Stop. None of these methods are proven to be positive, forward moving methods to both losing weight, and keeping the weight off.

To give you a little background before blowing your mind with science, one pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories burned. This means, in order for you to “lose one pound of fat per week” you must be in a caloric deficit of 3,500 per week. Now, if you’d like to lose weight for the sake of “losing weight,” then sitting in a sauna every day this week will get you there. But, the real question is are you trying to lose “weight” or “fat?”

Weighing out and tracking your food is single-handedly the most efficient way to know exactly how much you are consuming. Period. How can you track habits, trends, or bodily responses with no tangible record of what you are physically consuming? How can you know if you are over- or under- eating if you aren’t weighing your portions? While this seems very simple, most cannot even hit the three-week mark before the excuses of “I can’t lose weight” kick in.

It takes a minimum of 21-days (three weeks) to create a habit, and five weeks for that habit to become part of your “normal” routine. If at any point you break said habit, the time starts over again.

Now think back to every diet, juice cleanse, or workout routine you’ve ever started and failed at. Did you hit the 21-day mark without fail? And, if you did pass the 21-day threshold, how long did it take before you fell back into old habits, thus undoing any work you’ve just put in?

If you’re reading this in hopes of changing your life for the better once and for all, you’ve come to the right place. At FiT2NiK, we create sustainable, custom-built fitness programs specific to your needs, and realize that health and wellness starts from the inside out.

Achieving your fitness goals is much more than lifting weights, doing cardio, and following a meal plan from the newest Health & Fitness magazine that thousands are reading.

There is only one of you, and it is our job to find the right equation to get you to your goals in the healthiest, most realistic time frame. Remember, it takes years for your body to get the way it is, it is not going to change overnight. Give yourself some credit, and more importantly, a pat on the back for trusting us with your future in fitness. It’s time to get healthy and #TurnYourselfOn.

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