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"I'll feel better if I lose five pounds."

"I want to sit down with no pain."

"I want a 28

" Waist."

"I don't want to be out of breath going up the stairs."

Any of these sound familiar? Well, chances are, if you've joined the FiT2NiK member base, you're looking to make change. What exactly does that change look like? What does your "final destination" feel like? What are you willing to do to get there? 

If you've fallen for the 30-day squat challenges, detox teas, or cookie-cutter programs written by "instafamous" wannabes, you're not alone. While you may have seen changes, every person had a different starting point, and every person had a different ending point. Most importantly, the sources in which you've gotten these exercise programs were not custom tailored to you, and took into account your injuries, personal preferences, and lifestyle. 

What will make this time different for you? How will you stay committed? Goal setting, that's how. Let's get you set up for success:

1) Grab a piece of paper and write in the center of it, what "FiT" means to you. What does your ideal body look like and feel like? Is it a dress size or pant size? Is it not feeling pain? Whatever it is, describe it the best you can. 

2) What do you need to do to achieve this? Is it going to bed by 10PM each day, or skipping weekly happy hours? What particular day-to-day activities need to be altered or adjusted to make room for new and improved habits? Make a list of three to six habits you need to change. 

3) Now, of these habits, list them in order of importance to you. Each week, we will apply one of the new habits, so you are not overwhelmed. Week one corresponds with a new habit, and nothing else changes. Week two, we add a second habit. Week three, a third habit. So on, and so fourth.

By the end of week six, you will have acquired six new habits, and are well on your way to being 80% more successful than those who try to do all at once. 

Being FiT doesn't take rocket science. It takes discipline, planning, and setting yourself up for success, one day at a time. And, it will always start with looking at the long-term, bigger picture and working backwards to figure out the map it will take to get you there. 

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