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I know this is going to be a tough one to stomach (pun fully intended), but you are going to have to un-do everything you’ve ever learned about the traditional food pyramid. Why, you ask? Well, not because 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, starches, and pasta causing early onset diabetes, but because the food pyramid wasn’t created with the intention of helping people get healthy.

Luise Light, one of the many people who worked for the USDA during the time the food pyramid was being developed, openly states that the food pyramids’ breakdown was specifically created by the USDA, and heavily influenced by food industry giants. Granted, we could go on for hours about this, but for the sake of today’s blog, we will keep the backstory to a minimum.

Wait a second, so Nick and Nikki are telling me that the food pyramid was bought? Yes, correct; that is exactly what we are saying. Throughout the food pyramid’s creation, major food industry giants were hard pressing the USDA to ensure their products would be on the list of consumable goods. Just like followers can be bought, food groups were bought.

The majority of the foods on the food pyramid are responsible for the majority of the diseases and illnesses that are being brought to light today. Don’t you find it strange that more people have gluten intolerances, dairy allergies, corn allergies, nut allergies, etc. than they did 20 years ago? Is it because we have fallen into the trap of blindly trusting information out there, and realize it before it’s too late? Well, the best part of is re-teaching, re-educating, and re-starting your health so you can make being healthy an every day thing, rather than an occasional thing.

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