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Ahhh, the beloved question of those who begin a weight-loss program, seven days into their new routine. Well, for starters, let’s discuss what “weight” really means.

The first operational definition of weight was given by Euclid, a Greek Mathematician, often referred to as the “father of geometry.” By definition, weight is “the heaviness or lightness of one thing, compared to another, as measured by a balance." In layman’s terms, weight is how much you are carrying when you take into consideration muscle, fat, bones, internal organs, etc. Weight simply means the composition of what you are made up of, not a number that defines your happiness.

Now let’s backtrack for a second. When starting a workout program or exercise routine, the first question you should be asking yourself is, “What am I trying to achieve or accomplish?” You must get a blank piece of paper and write this intention on the center of it. Then, you will circle this. Because, “this” is what your program needs to support.

If you’ve never worked with a knowledgeable personal trainer before, welcome! If you have, welcome back! In today’s blog, we are going to breakdown some of the many reasons why most feel like they “can’t lose weight.”

1. Schedule

2. “No Time”

3. Slow Metabolism

4. Genetics

5. Carbs

6. Fats

The bottom line is, none of the above are actual reasons you cannot lose weight. Let me restate that. NONE of the above are actual reasons you cannot lose weight. Let that sink in.

The truth of the matter is that we’ve grown up in a society where nutrition was never emphasized as a priority, the food pyramid is a scam, and our food is highly toxic. Thankfully, you have two well-educated individuals who are here to change your life forever.

Week-by-week, we will be dissecting through common issues, you as weight loss (or muscle gain) clients have. No question is a dumb question. In fact, we highly encourage the use of our open forum to ask anything you may feel is relevant or important to you during your fitness journey.

Remember, life has no “off season.” It is important to note: you can only get out, what you put in. It’s very simple.

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