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Kidding. Please don't.

With the increase of reality television weight loss programs like "Revenge Body" or "My 600-Pound Life," it is easy to get lost in the "why" behind your fitness journey. 

Now that your goal has been established, let's discuss the why behind it all. 

Why are you wanting to lose ten pounds? Why are you trying to drop four inches on your waist? Why are you training to do a bodybuilding competition? While all of these goals are drastically different, the common ground between them all should be "because you want to."

Just like every body is different, every goal is different. And this ultimately means every "why" is different. Here, we must dig deep and dissect why you want to achieve your goal so badly, because this will single-handedly be the reason why you succeed. If you come to us with a goal that looks great on paper, but your work ethic is lacking, there is a disconnect. 

Our primary objective is to keep YOU motivated, inspired, and accountable. At the end of the day, these are YOUR goals. It is ultimately what you do day-in and day-out that will allow you to achieve these goals; Nick and I are merely the catalyst to get you there.

If your "why" isn't whole-heartedly, get-you-out-of-bed-before-your-alarm-goes-off, lacing with fire and excitement, and personally yours, you will not succeed. If you are doing this for anyone other than yourself, you will not succeed. 

The biggest difference between those that achieve their fitness goals and those who do not is both the motivating factors (personal trainer, gym setting, workout clothes, etc.), and their "why."

Make sure you are doing this for YOU, and no one else. You'll thank us later. 

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