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Nikki Giacara

After her television debut in 2010, Nikki Giacara has been using fitness as her platform to inspire thousands. With double degrees in Marketing and Management, Nikki believes that fitness teaches extraordinary discipline that cannot be taught in school. By combining physical strength with mental toughness, Nikki believes through daily self-reflection, goal setting, and proper execution of her individualized programs, you, too, can achieve greatness.

NiCk Giacara

An LA-native with over 15 years of professional experience, Nick Giacara has trained both celebrities and working professionals alike. After losing over 50 pounds on his own, Nick knew that he could use his first-hand experience to help motivate those struggling with their own fitness goals. Nick believes that everyone is capable of undoing the genetic hand they were dealt, and he is here to show you how it can be done.


create YOUR future

With over 25 years of combined experience, The Nicks focus on all components of what it takes to live your best life.  The Nicks are much more than personal trainers—they are your




"I was looking for someone to get me moving and get me into shape for my engagement and wedding. In a word, Nikki was life-changing. In another word, she was amazing."

Matt S.

October 2013

"With Nikki and Nick, it's more than just about fitness.  They care all about your entire wellness.  What sets them aside from the pack is their passion for your total health.  They are way more than just "trainers."

Geoff S.

March 2018

"Nick is a walking almanac of knowledge from supplements to herbs, to effective eating habits, and always shows care with his constant check-ins, even while I’m on the road and not able to train."

Brian M.

April 2018

Nikki Giacara


NICK Giacara


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