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Having nice hair is great; having to wash said hair multiple times a day/week, not-so-great. Trust me, having two or three workouts per day, on top of the Miami Beach heat and humidity, I am constantly sweating. And, because of this. I've had to come up with tips and tricks to help keep my shower window under four minutes, because anything over that I am not okay with. Today, I will be sharing hair-iffic tips that could potentially help save you time and money in the long run. 

1. Ditch the shampoo.

Yeah, I said it! I haven't used actual shampoo in ten years, and I'll tell you why. Tap water contains tons of minerals that strip your hair of its natural oils that give your hair shine. Continuously putting harsh chemical agents onto your head, multiple times a day not only makes your hair dry, brittle, and coarse, but completely nutrient deprived and unable to be styled. 

2.  Condition daily.

Every time I shower, I let the water be my cleaning agent, and the conditioner be my moisturizing agent. I also deep condition once a week for extra shine and added protection. I also use products that are sulfate-free, especially if I recently colored or highlighted my hair. If you chemical process your hair, you, too, will have to steer clear sulfate, as it will strip your hair of the color. 

3. Swap your towel for a t-shirt. 

Because of their naturally absorbent nature, towels are the worst thing for keeping your hair frizz-free. Instead of wrapping your hair with a towel, use a cotton t-shirt. It actually absorbs the excess moisture much quicker and without the added flyaways. 

Hope these tips help, regardless of whether or not you shower once, twice, or three times per day. 

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